Benefits for Business

Keep pace with the consumer demand for more payment options. First Data Biller Payments solutions utilize our payment gateway to optimize your payment system, improve customer handling and operational efficiency, while reducing costs and increasing funds availability. 

  • Maximize conversion to electronic processing
  • Visibility and control across the remittance workflow
  • Accept all payment types for remittance
  • Simplify administration through a single-source
  • Consolidate online bill payments processing

Key Components

  • Nationwide lockbox network with full electronic clearing capabilities (ARC, ICL) to provide significant reduction in mail and bank float
  • Business process outsourcing for value-added keying, Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) enrollment and address change keying
  • Single payment gateway supports multiple payment options received online, IVR, CSR and in-person
  • Web-based portal providing customer service, customized receivables reporting, exception handling and back-office reconciliation tools
  • State-of-the-art national data center stores and safeguards account holders’ sensitive information

Credit Processing & Commercial Payment Solutions