Standard Reporting:

The standardized reporting offers 30 different templates for both consumer and corporate card customers.


  • Subscription functionality for regularly demanded reports and fully automated scheduling (M/Q/HY/Y), production and distribution of reports
  • Easy to use ad hoc reporting
  • Several distribution channels to choose from or combine: E-Mail, Internet, File transfer, as well as various media (DVD, CD, …)
  • Different output formats to choose from: HTML, PDF, CSV, Excel, XML

Individual Reporting:

The individualized reporting is a powerful means to use and explore all data contained in the Data Warehouse.

Customers can choose from the following reporting applications or combine data from both:

  • Quick Analysis
  • Aggregated data in six data cubes (MOLAP) each with different focus and characteristics
  • Detailed Analysis: Direct access to the data base tables on single transaction level to produce highly sophisticated reports to the specification of each customer

Information, Analytics & Reporting