Success Story: Clover Street Emerges in Teignmouth, Devon

Savvy small business owners in Teignmouth are quite taken with the Clover Station POS System it seems. So much so, that at least four businesses in one street have adopted the technology. We paid beautiful Teignmouth a visit, to see why business owners in Devon are taking to it so well.

We met with the businesses of "Clover Street'" to find out exactly how Clover has helped them and which features have had the biggest impact on the running of the business. Anne-Marie is the owner of Eutopia Beauty Salon, she finds that using technology makes her day a lot easier, particularly at the end of the day when she is cashing up. Her Clover system tells her who has done what treatments throughout the day so she can ensure each member of staff is paid accordingly.

Hayden is the Manager of Animal Allsorts in Teignmouth, the business supplies foods for animals, birds, cats, small animals and reptiles. Hayden has been particularly impressed with the stock-taking capabilities of Clover. With so many orders and deliveries coming through the business, he can manage everything all on one system - instead of having pieces of paper flying around! Hayden can place orders straight to his suppliers through the Clover, within minutes. So if a customer comes to the shop looking for something specific, Hayden can order it in for them quickly if it’s not in stock.

Vicky Pearce opened up All Under One Woof, a dog groomers, in November last year. Vicky’s biggest challenge is keeping on top of appointments and ensuring they are scheduled without any clashes. Vicky was recommended Clover by another business owner for that reason. She loves that she can access the scheduling app from her personal computer as well, so she doesn’t have to worry about having a diary with her all the time.

Kate and her partner Phil run Perrylicious, a cake and coffee shop in Teignmouth. Kate is very hands-on with the business; she orders all the supplies and ingredients and bakes the cakes. Her main priority is keeping her customers happy, ensuring they come back again. Kate likes the fact that Clover can help her run the business more efficiently, she can keep track of what products are selling and how fast, and then she can replenish the supplies needed according to customer demand – all from one system. Kate and Phil access the reports remotely from home so that they can see what has sold and prepare stocks for the following day.

We are excited to see small businesses reaping the benefits of using new technologies. Not only does this save the business owner time, but it also makes the service that they offer their customers more efficient. At FDMS, we are dedicated to providing plenty of support with Clover set up, and ongoing tech assistance from our team. We are really passionate about providing solutions that allow independent businesses to grow and thrive, supported by their local community. Learn more about Clover and how it can help you and your business.