First Data Launches Clover Flex in the UK

If you’re running a business then chances are you’ve got a lot going on at any given time. We know that there’s always so much to do but not always enough time to do it. That’s why we’ve created the multi-purpose business solution you’ve been looking for.

Meet Clover Flex, the new all-in-one point of sale system designed with the flexibility to serve your wide variety of business needs, no matter what your trade. With the latest technology embedded in a single portable device, you can free your hands, your countertop and your time for the things that really matter.


High Spec Point of Sale on the Go

Complete with high definition touch screen, embedded receipt printer and barcode scanner, Clover Flex offers complete, multi-functional control over all aspects of your business.

As well as being able to manage inventory and employee rotas, it also accepts a multitude of payments including Chip and PIN, contactless and mobile payments (Apple and Android) to ensure the most versatile service for your customers. What’s more, Clover Flex’s battery can last a full day of typical business hours without the need to charge.

Serve Customer Whilst They Queue

Some people see a huge queue going into (or coming out of) a store as a problem. Not us. We see it as a badge of honour—and a sign that you must be doing something right. After all, customers won’t waste their time standing around in lines for products or services that are subpar.

So, even though long lines are a good problem to have, you still need to figure out the best way to keep that queue moving. Fortunately, with the ability to bring the checkout to the customer, Clover Flex can speed things up by taking orders from customers as they wait in line; turning long queues into happy customers in no time at all.

Business Adaptable

No matter what your business, Clover Flex is customisable to suit your needs. From a customer perspective, convenience is king and this clever device offers total convenience to suit your clientele.

For a restaurant, reducing the number of trips your staff have to make back and forth will result in faster dining times and happier customers. At a salon, letting customers complete their transaction before getting out of the chair helps them save time on checkout—plus, nothing says “pampered” like an ultra-convenient customer service experience. Imagine accepting more forms of payment on the spot at an event or taking payments smoothly at a rooftop bar over drinks.

Join the Revolution

Find out more about how Clover Flex can benefit your business. What are you waiting for? Invest in your future today!