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Clover™ Mobile Victorious at the 2017 Cards & Payments Awards

First Data’s Clover™ Mobile emerged victorious at the 2017 Cards & Payments Awards picking up the Best Initiative in Mobile Payments. The Card & Payments Awards recognise customer service, excellence and innovation in the UK and Irish card and payments industry.

First Data officially launched Clover Mobile to the UK market in December 2016. The device was created to help small business owners sell on the move, whether that be at a restaurant table, from a food van, at displays in store or in a busy queue. Clover Mobile also gives business owners the power of integrated inventory management, accounting, analytics and more – all in a hand-held device.

“Winning the Best Initiative in Mobile Payments at the Cards & Payments Awards is a fantastic achievement for First Data and the Clover family,” commented Avion Gray, Director of Product for Clover at First Data. “Clover Mobile exemplifies innovation in mobile payments by combining mobility and universal payments into a single device. It was built to be taken off the countertop, onto the floor, and out of the store – providing true mobility without sacrifice of functionality.”

Clover Mobile, and its sister device Clover™ Mini, utilize unique cutting-edge technology that allows consumers to enter their PIN on a tablet based, touchscreen device that is EMV® compliant and has successfully completed common criteria evaluation against the JTEMS POI Protection Profile. As such, Clover Mobile and Clover Mini are among the very first devices to be approved with this technology for deployment in the U.K. market and represent a groundbreaking innovation in cardholder authentication.

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