How EPOS innovations can make a difference for mobile businesses in the UK

How EPOS innovations can make a difference for mobile businesses in the UK

We’re extremely proud of Clover Mobile which won the Best Initiative in Mobile Payments Award at the 2017 Card & Payments Awards.

We’re delighted with this achievement, and would like to take a moment to focus on what this means for UK business owners – both in terms of the specific solution that Clover Mobile provides, and in terms of why innovation is so vital in today’s retail landscape.

Responding to the mobile payment challenge

“Adaptability as a survival mechanism not only has a role in nature, but in the payments arena, too. “
– Kevin Woodward, ‘Why App Stores Have Come to the Point of Sale’, Digital Transactions

Not all businesses have one static point of sale where you can have a device that sits as the centre of your operation. Sales happen everywhere today.

The needs and expectations of consumers are constantly changing. The ever-increasing market share of contactless payments, including those made with a mobile phone, is evidence of how behaviours are evolving.

There’s also pressure applied by your competition – what tools are they using? How are they responding to the needs of their customers while still keeping things on the move?

Finding ways to innovate in your business

Is your business always on the move? Your technology could be too. You might think that, because your business is mobile, you can’t have access to this kind of innovative software. EPOS systems have come a long way, with features like the Clover App Market being a great example of how the technology is adapting to meet the needs of business owners managing all sorts of business needs such as stock control and staff rotas.

What’s important here is the ability to offer true mobility without sacrificing functionality and ultimately control.

An EPOS system that keeps you agile

With this second award for Clover Mobile, we are very keen to see how we can help you grow your business.

If your business is always on the move, or you don’t want to be restricted to a countertop, you need the ability to accept all major payment types, alongside integrated inventory management, analytics and accounting – and you can get all of that in one hand-held device.

Find out more about what Clover Mobile can do for your business.