How Evolving Technology Can Help Your Business Sell More

When it comes to improving your bottom line and making more money, you may find ways to cut costs or improve your margins – but ultimately, it comes down to making more sales.

There are many things you can do to help your business sell more. Here at First Data, we’re interested in how technology can help you achieve your business goals. We’re dedicated to creating business solutions that do just that.

In this article we look at some of the ways you can equip your business to sell more.

Keep customers coming back

Giving your customers a good experience, making sure your staff are well trained, ensuring your prices are competitive and your offering is unique – these are all great ways to keep customers coming back.

However, technology can help you go even further to improve your retention.

A customer loyalty programme can help to inspire just what you need – customer loyalty!

Having the right tools

A loyalty and reward system sounds great, but how do you go about implementing one?

With the right technology to hand you have some interesting options available to you. For example, you can print loyalty information on your receipts – send your customers to a web address where they can create their loyalty account and keep track of their rewards.

An added bonus of this is that you can collect customer details when they create their account and then get in touch with them to encourage them to come back and make use of their loyalty rewards.

Expanding the appeal

So, you’ve established your loyal customer base and they’re coming back to make repeat purchases. How do you now use these loyal customers to expand your audience?

One tried and tested method, which modern technology has made even easier, is the gift card. Once you can create, sell and redeem your own branded cards, you have a way for satisfied customers to bring your store more business – while also giving them a convenient and easy way to give gifts!

If you can then convert these ‘gift customers’ into repeat customers, you’re really on to a winner.

Going online without the hassle

One way to drive additional revenue is to take your business online. Whether that means taking bookings online or making actual sales through an online store, the internet represents a huge opportunity for businesses.

It’s not without challenges, however. These challenges become amplified when you also have a physical store. Tasks like keeping track of your inventory or your appointment calendar can become increasingly complicated.

If you equip your business with the right technology, then you should be able to automate all of this. With a centralised inventory, for example, anything that is purchased either from your physical or online store should be checked against and removed from the same list.

Making use of the space you have

For some businesses, particularly those in the retail and pub/bar sectors, it can be frustrating to see counter space going to waste. Opening up more areas of premises as points of sale is a great way to turn round more sales in less time.

We all know that technology is getting smaller all the time and thankfully business technology is no different. This means it’s now possible to make use of those counter spaces that might not have been able to fit a till system in the past.

Equip your business for success

At First Data we’re dedicated to helping businesses succeed. When it comes to making more sales, you need a business solution that can help you achieve just that.

Whether it’s creating a custom loyalty and reward programme, expanding your business online or simply optimising how you use your premises, our suite of Clover EPOS systems can give you the edge you need.

Clover Station, Clover Mini and Clover Mobile have all been designed to meet the unique challenges faced by business owners across the UK. Switch to a Clover solution from your current service provider and you could get up to £150 cash back – find out how these business solutions can help you sell more and save money.