How Technology Can Help Your Restaurant Succeed

Restaurant owners and managers face a unique and varied set of challenges. When you add this to the stiff competition in the hospitality sector, it’s easy to see why so many restaurateurs are feeling the pressure.

That’s why it’s important for restaurateurs to find advantages where they can. In this article, we’ll look at how technology can help you do that.

Human error and customer service

There’s an old argument in the restaurant sector over which is more important: great food or great service?

In reality, the truth is that you need both. While an EPOS system or a card machine might not be able to make your food taste better, they can certainly help to improve the standards of customer service.

By ensuring that you’re using up to date point of sale technology, you gain several advantages:

  • Faster service – a modern EPOS is fast and easy to use, compared to a clunky, slow till system
  • Payment expectations met – up to date card payment machines can take contactless and mobile payments, meaning customers can pay with their preferred method
  • Get the design vote – modern point of sale technology looks great, meaning no more eyesores on your counter

All of this goes a long way to creating a better experience for your customers. But it’s not the be all and end all – there’s more you can do.

By embracing the restaurant technology available, like handheld POS devices and integrated kitchen screens, you can smooth out your processes and reduce occurrences of miscommunication. The interfaces on modern EPOS tech are intuitive and easy to use, which also means less mistakes at the till.

All of this combines to reduce the occurrence of human error, meaning customers will be on the receiving end of less mistakes – which means happier customers and more repeat business!

Improving your pricing strategy

Another common problem area for restaurateurs is the menu – not just what’s on it, but how much it should cost.

It’s a complicated beast. You’ve got to take into account the cost of ingredients, business outgoings (staff costs, premises, etc), and more to ensure that you turn a profit – but at the same time you need to consider the demographic that will be attending so that you don’t price them out, and also what your direct competitors are charging.

As a result, the idea of adding more factors to this decision can feel a little overwhelming. Thankfully, there’s technology out there that can help you analyse your menu.

By centralising and integrating your administration – meaning your business analytics and accounting – into your EPOS system, you can combine this with information about items on your menu.

That means giving yourself the ability to track trends – which dishes sell the most, are there certain days where certain options are more popular, do certain options often get bought together, and so on.

Combine this with information on which dishes are the most profitable, and you can really start to take a strategic approach to your menu.

For example – if you’ve spotted that two items are often bought together and are selling at a decent margin, can you better up-sell that combination within the menu?

Once you have access to this kind of information, you can make sure your menu is optimal and giving you the return you need.

There’s more technology can do

The technology available to restaurateurs is constantly growing and improving – meaning you might be missing out on advantages that could give you the edge over your competitors.

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