Maximise International Online Sales with eDCC

What are the key points you need to know in order to maximise international online sales? Find out from First Data Merchant Solutions here.

eCommerce is a rapidly growing industry throughout the world, with total online sales in the UK alone expected to reach £52.5 billion in 20151. More and more customers are turning to online shops in order to purchase their goods and retailers around the globe are realising that they need to adapt to this trend in order to maximise their sales, with the UK in particular amongst the biggest cross-border exporters worldwide.

But how can online merchants optimise website traffic from overseas cardholders and ensure that those international visitors browsing their website are converted into long-term loyal customers?

First of all they need to view the shopping process from the cardholders’ perspective.  eCommerce needs to be a simple, user friendly process with as much information displayed upfront as possible. It is important to assess the main factors which would weigh heavily on an internal cardholders decision. 

Key points to maximise for international online sales

Clearly display your international shipping charges. By being upfront throughout your website about your shipping charges, policies and areas you ship to, shopping cart abandonment rates by overseas cardholders should decrease.

Do your homework. Take time to research where your customers are visiting from. Are there particular countries or areas which appear more frequently than others? The more you learn about your potential customers, the more targeted and successful your offering can be.

Display your website in various languages. Assuming you have taken the advice of the point above, you should now know the main regions from which cardholders visit your sites. This will allow you to choose targeted languages in which you can display your website depending on where the visitor is based, allowing for a more seamless and user friendly shopping experience.

Offer cardholders the choice to pay in their own currency. It can be a confusing and an off-putting experience for international cardholders to purchase goods online in a currency that is different to their own, as they will not know exactly how much they have paid for the goods in their own currency until they have viewed their bank statement. First Data Merchant Solutions can provide merchants with Global ChoiceTM. This Dynamic Currency Conversion solution allows merchants to offer foreign cardholders the choice to pay in their own currency at the checkout, along with displaying the exchange rate and margin applied*. This offers complete transparency to the cardholder and merchants should see cart abandonment drop as a result. First Data Merchant Solutions can also offer Dynamic Pricing*, which allows merchants to display the price of goods or services in the cardholder’s currency throughout their website. This offers cardholders the option to shop in their own currency from the moment they access the website.

A survey of 3000 respondents showed that 83% of European customers trust the UK for their online shopping, proving that it is vastly important for UK retailers to adapt in order to take advantage of this trend. The Global ChoiceTM and Dynamic Pricing solutions are simple and hassle-free ways to offer your overseas customers complete transparency in the payment process, which should lead to increased sales and happier customers. For more information on either of these services, please call a First Data Merchant Solutions representative on 0800 6525808.

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*Terms and Conditions apply.