Point of Sale Technology – How It’s Evolving

EPOS systems have also famously had limitations and downsides that have made them frustrating for business owners. However, thanks to recent advancements in the technology, EPOS systems have transformed into a more complete business solution.


We’ve all seen the classic, blocky EPOS systems. They take up counter space and give customers a bad first impression, particularly when they jar with the aesthetic of the business – a common problem in the health and beauty sector.

The design of computers and mobile devices has moved on to the point where things are unrecognisable from where they were a decade ago. EPOS systems are no different.

Modern EPOS systems feature sleek designs, inspired by the aesthetics of tablets and flat screens. This extends to the user interface as well, with touch screen EPOS systems being more intuitive for staff and customers alike.


Your EPOS system is the point of contact between you and every customer or transaction that comes through your business.

The sheer amount of data this represents is staggering, but unfortunately many EPOS systems were incapable of capturing this information in a useful way. Thankfully, this has now changed.

With integrated analytics functionality, the best modern EPOS systems allow you to capture customer behaviour data and analyse things like seasonal trends. Combine this with an integrated loyalty app that encourages customers to use their email address to sign up for benefits – now you have as system that can create a marketing database and tell you when in the year you need to utilise it.


The mechanics for delivering updates for EPOS systems was another area where older systems didn’t measure up. Updates once or twice a year simply isn’t enough in the always-evolving modern marketplace.

Modern EPOS systems should deliver regular updates that keep you at the forefront, both in terms of functionality and in terms of security. Just like with a tablet or a mobile phone, these updates should be easy to install and cause you minimal hassle.

The Cloud

One of the most exciting technological developments for business owners is the cloud. With a cloud enabled EPOS, you can access all your information via any online device. That means you can check your takings from your phone if you’re off the premises.

All that customer data we mentioned before? You can access that from your home PC while you’re planning your next promotional push.

On top of this, the cloud does away with the need for physical backups by storing all of your information digitally. This means that, on top of flexibility of access, the cloud gives you peace of mind.

Don’t Get Left Behind

There are many more ways that EPOS has changed and it can be easy to feel left behind by the technology.

We’ve put together a free guide for business owners to help you understand what modern EPOS technology can do for businesses now – Everything You Need To Know About EPOS.