The right system for pub and bar owners – what to look for

If you run a pub or bar, then you’re probably aware that you work in one of the most volatile UK business sectors.

CAMRA reports that 29 pubs are lost every week in the UK, highlighting how seriously pub and bar owners need to take the running of their business.

Technology can help to make a pub or bar more efficient. However, there are particular concerns that need to be met – specifically around the ability to help with particular time consuming tasks, the ability to make use of available space, and finally making sure it’s a worthwhile technological investment that can grow with your business.

Making inventory easy

In terms of stress, man-hours and the potential for costly mistakes, the task that raises the most eyebrows for pub and bar owners is the taking, and maintaining, of the inventory.

Running out of a popular and profitable drink can seriously reduce the amount of money you make on a busy night. Equally, buying too much of something that isn’t selling is a guaranteed way to lose money.

Modern technology can now not only automate the stock take, by removing items from your digital inventory when they are sold, it can also track things like profit margin per product and most popular items – meaning you know which drinks to put on offer and which ones to stop ordering altogether.

Being efficient with space

On a hectic Friday night, you may find yourself wishing you had an extra till or point of sale to take some of the strain off the bar. Having more places to serve customers can have a fairly obviously upward effect on revenue – after all, you want people to be buying drinks, not queuing.

However, finding space for another point of sale can be challenging. Thankfully, the shrinking of modern technology hasn’t just been restricted to computer chips and phones – business technology has gone the same way.

The key here is getting a business solution that is both compact and powerful. You don’t want to miss out on functionality in exchange for a smaller piece of kit, especially not when there is the possibility of having both without a downside.

Making your technological investments count

When you see the stats about the numbers of pubs and bars that close every week, it crystallises the idea that you need to be fiscally adept. Investing in a new piece of technology for your business needs to be a long term decision – you don’t want to end up with a system that was great six months ago, but completely unfit for your establishment as it is now.

Flexibility is one of the best things about computers now – the ability to change what they do based on the software installed. EPOS systems and business solutions can now feature the ability to be adaptable and change to suit your needs.

Giving yourself the tools to succeed

The key is getting everything you need in one system, without exposing yourself by buying into something that your business is going to outgrow. At First Data, we’re dedicated to creating business solutions that meet the challenges posed by the specific sectors of British business.

For pubs and bars, we understand that space, functionality and long term affordability are all major concerns. When it comes to compact business technology that can grow and change to fit the evolving needs of your business, we believe that Clover Mini is the best solution on the market.

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