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The Business Cash Advance delivered by Liberis is a simple, flexible finance solution that provides your business with the funding it needs to thrive!

Payments are taken as a small percentage of future card sales, so you can focus on running your business without the worry of fixed charges or terms. And, using Liberis’ Intelligent Pricing you’ll always receive a price tailored to your business. There’s one fixed cost agreed at the start, with no APR, varying terms or penalty fees.

With over £30m already advanced to First Data customers and over 70% of businesses who apply approved, get in touch with Liberis today and their dedicated funding experts will aim to find an amount that’s right for you.

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About Liberis

This service is delivered by Liberis, the only cash-advance provider supported by the UK Government owned British Business Investments. To date, Liberis have provided over £340m to over 10,000 small businesses across the UK.