Welcome to RomanCart

RomanCart will do everything you ever thought you needed from your online shop and a huge amount more!

With RomanCart you can easily turn your website into an online store, either by pasting ‘Add to Basket’ buttons onto your webpages, or simply paste an entire store onto your web page (RomanCart Storefront). You can be accepting orders in minutes.

RomanCart sends confirmation emails to you and your customer when a transaction has completed and will keep track of stock levels if required.

Manage sales from all your channels with RomanCart. As well as accepting orders on your website, you can use RomanCart to list items on marketplaces such as eBay, sell items in your actual store with our free ePoS software, sell over the telephone and through mail-order and also raise invoices, quotes and pro-formas. Sales from all of your different sources can then be viewed together in the RomanCart Sales Manager.

RomanCart has a huge amount of built in Marketing features to help you make more money. This includes a comprehensive e-mail marketing system, including follow up emails, auto-responders and email sequences. You can create offers, promotions, coupons, bundles and up-sell/cross sell opportunities. There’s also a built in affiliate system to enable you to sell your items through affiliates.

RomanCart is the easiest way to run your entire business.

Cart Benefits

  • Turn any website into a shop no-matter how the website was produced
  • Manage the stock from all your channels in one place
  • Increase your sales with our comprehensive marketing tools
  • View your sales when out and about with our iPhone and Android Apps
  • Friendly UK based 24/7 support
  • Has every feature you will ever need to run and grow your business

Cart Features

  • ‘Add to basket’ buttons
  • ‘Buy Now ‘ Widgets – includes options and social network links
  • RomanCart Storefront – paste an entire store onto your website in minutes
  • Send Confirmation Emails
  • Sell Products
  • Sell Tickets
  • Sell Accommodation Bookings
  • List items on ebay
  • Multiple Shipping Methods – Weight, Price, Stepped, Free, Fixed and Basic.
  • Time Based Shipping Methods
  • Region and Postcode Based Shipping
  • Email Marketing
  • Offers, Bundles, Promotions, Coupons
  • Gift Cards
  • Accounting – VAT Returns
  • Customisation – Design your own cart pages and emails
  • Mobile Cart
  • Add an entire mobile version of your website in less than a minute
  • Affiliate System
  • Facebook Shop
  • Product Search Engine
  • Allow customers to login and view previous invoices
  • Integration with UPS – book deliveries and collections
  • Automatically send shipping tracking information
  • Multiple Tax Settings
  • Email me when back in stock
  • Multiple Stock Centres
  • Multi Stock Products (where a bundled product consists of other products)
  • And lots more…!

Cart Requirements

There are no requirements to using RomanCart, it will work with any website hosted anywhere.