We understand that the rapidly evolving coronavirus situation (and associated spread of COVID-19) is impacting many of our valued customers. During this difficult time, we’re here to support you by sharing helpful information and resources and offering support that can help your business navigate these unprecedented times.

The health and safety of every Fiserv associate and client remains our top priority. If you suffer a business-related interruption relating to our services, please call us on 0345 606 5055.

We’re here to help

We’re waiving your minimum monthly fees in April

To provide some immediate financial assistance to our direct First Data merchants, we’re waiving all Minimum Monthly Charges, Minimum Gateway Transaction Fees and Clover software and app market fees for the month of April 2020. Don’t worry, you don’t need to do anything – we’ll manage the process for you and your April statement will show the fees removed.

If you’re not a First Data direct merchant, please speak with your Payment Service Provider (PSP) to find out what kind of relief they can offer you.

We’ve enabled mail & telephone order transactions

To help customers to continue to take payments remotely, we’ve already enabled a number of our merchants to accept orders by post and telephone to keep their businesses going.

If you already have access to take payments over the phone, please ensure you do the following:

  1. Input the customer’s card payment details into your POS device including the Card Security Code (CV2).
  2. Wait for the authorisation code to tell you the transaction has gone through.
  3. Once the transaction is approved you can send your customer’s purchased product to them.

If you don’t already have mail and telephone orders enabled but would like to have it, please give us a ring on 0345 606 5055. We’ll see what we can do to enable your account with this functionality so you can start taking payments from your customers via mail and telephone order asap. You can read more about how to take mail order and telephone order transactions in our Merchant Conditions (Section 8) and Operating Guides (Section 4).

Other resources

Government support for small businesses

The UK Government has announced a number of relief packages to provide support for businesses and the British economy. These packages include £330 billion to support businesses in need of urgent access to cash, reimbursement for 80% of furloughed workers’ wage costs up to a £2,500 per month cap, and a reduction of specific taxes.

You can find more information about how the UK government may be able to support your business here.

Tips for moving your business online

Adapting your business to an online environment where possible is a great way to help mitigate the immediate impact of coronavirus and carry on operating.

Additional steps you might want to consider include the following:

  • If you’re taking payments or holding important or sensitive data, ensure that you’re up to date with your PCI compliancy and put a digital security system in place that will protect you from leaks and cyber hacks.

  • Regularly update your anti-virus software and educate any staff about the risks of everything from phishing emails to identity scams. Subscribing to a 24-hour IT helpline can be invaluable.

  • When taking online payments, make sure they’re fully authorised before you deliver any purchased goods or services and keep a close eye out for anything suspicious or that looks fraudulent.

  • Use video conferencing software (there’s plenty of free stuff out there) to conduct staff and client meetings remotely online, so you don’t need to meet in person.

Stay safe & healthy

Keeping your card terminal clean

If you have an Ingenico or Verifone POS device:

  1. Before cleaning, switch off and unplug your terminal.
  2. Only use a soft, lint-free cloth – like a microfibre cloth you’d clean a pair of glasses with – to clean your terminal.
  3. First, moisten the cloth with a little water to wipe dirt and smudges off your terminal.
  4. To disinfect the unit and touchscreen, moisten the cloth with 70%-90% strength Isopropyl alcohol. Spray it onto the cloth rather than directly onto the terminal and make sure it’s not abrasive or solvent based.
  5. Avoid using too much liquid where possible and take extra care to avoid getting alcohol or water into or around openings, buttons, seams, and areas where you dip or swipe cards and connect cables. Use a dry cloth to clean those areas.
  6. Give your unit enough time to dry before switching it on again.

If you have a Clover POS device:

  • All materials – including its glass, aluminium and plastic parts – have been tested as safe against staining and degradation from many chemicals.

  • Its touchscreen glass has an anti-fingerprint, oil-repellent coating, so you should take extra care cleaning the glass.

  • For more information on the best way to clean your Clover device, please watch this video.


Looking after your business

How can I take payments while my customers can’t come to my business?

If you’ve traditionally conducted face-to-face transactions with your customers, we understand this must be a particularly difficult time. To help, we’ve already provided a number of merchants with the functionality to accept mail and telephone order transactions as well, so they can carry on doing business over the phone and via the post where possible.

You can read more in your Merchant Conditions (Section 8) and Operating Guides (Section 4) or contact us for more information. To find out if you already have this functionality or to request it be added, please contact us on 0345 606 5055.

Is there anything I need to know about MOTO transactions and how will I be charged for taking telephone payments?

As the customer isn’t physically present in the shop with you, these transactions typically carry more risk. So, you’ll thus be charged at the card not present rate, which may be higher than usual depending on the card type.

All of the charges that you pay are shown on the schedules in your Merchant Agreement.

Do I process a Mail Order/Telephone Order (MOTO) transaction different to a Face to Face transaction?

When accepting a Mail Order/Telephone order transaction, your terminal will prompt you for the following information:

  • Card number
  • Expiry date
  • Transaction amount
  • Card Security Code (CV2) - except for mail order transactions
  • Address Verification details

You should also keep a record of the cardholder’s full name and address and delivery address, if different to the cardholder’s address

You can read more information about this in section 4 of your Operating Guide.

Can I still take face-to-face payments?

Yes. And, the contactless limit is increasing across the UK from £30 to £45, up to a maximum of five contactless transactions per card per day. This increase, which took effect from 1st April 2020, means more payments can be made without the need to exchange cash, and reduces the need for customers to input their PIN on a machine when paying for purchases of £45 and under. Customers can continue to use CHIP and PIN for anything over £45.

Advice for our merchants

I’m receiving chargebacks due to COVID-19 – what should I do?

You can see everything that’s going on with your payment processing information in your Merchant Business Track account. If you’d like to speak to us, please be aware we’re experiencing a higher call volume than normal so we might take a little longer to answer your call.

Can I freeze my First Data direct account?

While we’re unable to freeze your merchant account, we are instead providing immediate financial relief by waiving all Minimum Monthly Charges, Minimum Gateway Transaction Fees and Clover software and app market fees for the month of April. You can be assured that we’ll continue to review this position. We’re also offering additional card acceptance methods to help you continue operating where possible. If you’re not a First Data direct merchant, please speak with your Payment Service Provider (PSP) to find out what kind of relief they can offer you.

Running your business and social distancing

My business is still open as we provide essential services – can I reduce contact at point-of-sale?

You can reduce the contact at your point-of-sale (POS) device by encouraging your customers to use a digital wallet, such as Apple Pay®, Google Pay®, or Samsung Pay®, on their smartphones.

If the NFC (contactless) logo appears on a customer’s credit card, they can also ‘tap to pay’ on your POS device. The contactless limit has increased in the UK from £30 to £45. This means more payments can be made without the need to exchange cash, and reduces the need for customers to input their PIN on a machine when paying for purchases of £45 and under.

Can my business process transactions remotely?

There are options that customers can take to be able to keep their business open during these uncertain times. These include wireless devices that can accept contactless payments that your team can use to take with them when delivering orders. There are also online solutions available which can enable you to enter the order and payment information from a web browser via a smartphone, tablet or computer.

We’re here for you

With the constant flow of news updates and public opinion, it can be easy to feel unsettled or unsure about something and not know where to go for the right information. As a trusted partner to your business, please don’t hesitate to speak to us if you have questions or concerns on 0345 606 5055.

We’re best protected if we work to get through this together.

This information is being presented for informational purposes only and should not be relied on for any other purposes. This information is also evolving and subject to change.