API Integration

Integration Online Payment Solution

API integration allows you to capture customer card details on your own website or via your own custom payment application and submit them via XML (a message protocol) directly to our payment gateway.

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Benefits for Business

With API integration, you retain complete control of the payment page which is seamlessly integrated with your website.

The customer is not re-directed off your website to process a card payment, instead they can pay right there and then.

All transaction types are supported, meaning you can make payment both seamless and convenient.

Seamless and secure

Card details are captured directly on your website and securely sent over an encrypted internet connection to our payment gateway for processing.

Handle high volumes of transactions

API integration is the preferred integration method for corporate businesses looking to process high volumes of transactions.

Supports fraud prevention

Supports fraud prevention tools such as 3DSecure, transaction blocking and AVS/Security Code.

Comprehensive suite of payment types

A comprehensive suite of payment transaction types can be carried out via XML – e.g. sale, pre-authorisation, post-authorisation, return, credit, void, 3DSecure, store card, recurring sale, schedule, etc.

3D Secure & Amex SafeKey

Add an extra layer of security for registered users with this payer authentication service.


Give customers the ability to sign into their PayPal account and checkout even faster.

Core Components

Encrypted payment gateway

Card details are processing through our payment gateway via an encrypted internet connection.

Easy integration

Easy integration using established XML protocols and supported by a detailed integration guide outlining the XML schema to be used, along with sample code to assist developers.

Your brand front and centre

The cardholder has no knowledge of any First Data Merchant Solution eCommerce gateway involvement.

Real time response

Receives a secure XML response in real-time with the authorisation result.

Succeed online with First Data

Whether you’re looking for a specific eCommerce solution or are looking to integrate payment processing with your software, we can help.

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As a leading provider, we are focused on delivering payment solutions that meet the needs of merchants. That means making integration with our technology as seamless as possible, with multiple integration options available, as well as detailed integration guides & sample code.

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