What Smartphone/Tablet is compatible with the SumUp Device?

The card reader is compatible with iOS 7.0 and above and Android 4.4 and above

Devices connect to Smartphone/Tablet via Bluetooth 4.0

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What cards are be accepted on the device?

Visa® , Mastercard® , VPay® , Maestro® , American Express® , Diners Club International® and Discover®

Does the SumUp device process contactless payments?

Yes including Apple Pay and Android Pay.

Can I take mail order/over the phone payments

No; SumUp is for face to face transactions only

Is there a monthly fee for SumUp?

There are no Monthly fees and no contractual obligations with SumUp. There is no VAT on transaction fees

A transaction fee of 1.69% per debit or credit card will be charged at payment

How long before I receive the payment?

Transactions are processed within 3-5 business days

How much data does a transaction take?

A basic Internet package will be enough as a transaction uses a small amount of data

Do I receive a monthly statement?

No; you can view your transaction at any time on your smartphone/tablet

How do I apply? Do I need to sign a physical document?

Click here or paste this address into your browser https://sumup.co.uk/firstdata to apply online. There are no physical documents to sign, you simply agree to SumUp’s T&Cs during the registration process.

How long from applying will I receive the device?

The device will be delivered within 3-5 business days – there is no additional charge for delivery

Can I return the SumUp card reader?

Yes; you can return the SumUp device within 30 days free of charge. The device is also covered by 12 month warranty.

Is the SumUp device safe?

Yes; the SumUp device meets all the same security standards as a traditional card terminal

The card reader is PCI compliant and has all industry standard certifications and is regulated by the FCA

How do I set up the device?

Download the free SumUp app from Appstore/Playstore and log in via your smartphone/tablet, connect the device via Bluetooth and you are ready to take a transaction. The smartphone/tablet will require a signal 3G/4G/Wi-Fi to authorise the payment