Improve Operational Efficiency with Self-service Payments



With intense competition in the retail landscape and manpower crunch in the F&B sector in today’s environment, it has become essential for merchants to move towards self-service solutions. The automation of ordering and payment processes can help merchants reduce their reliance on manpower and allow them to redeploy their employees to higher value-adding functions such as providing better customer service.

Whether it is drive through or even self-service kiosks, First Data’s wireless POS terminal is compact, lightweight and easy to fit into your kiosks or self-service counters anywhere. It is available for your customers’ convenience and it can help to improve operational efficiency and drive revenue.

Key Features

  • Provides payment programmes from debit cards, credit cards, contactless cards and mobile payments for integration with ECR
  • Accepts major debit and credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, UnionPay, JCB
  • Accepts both contactless cards and mobile payments (such as Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay)

Helps your Business

  • Streamline operational costs
  • Reduces the time spent on cashiering and cash management
  • Decreases human error in order taking and accounting for payment collections
  • Improves productivity as employees has time to manage more tables
  • Increases efficiency as employees are deployed to higher value-adding functions such as providing better customer service
  • Enhances customers’ ordering and payment experiences
  • Reduce customers’ waiting times
  • Quick and easy payments through debit cards, credit cards and contactless cards
  • Fully customisable for your various business needs
  • Receive details of transaction data for easy reconciliation