2011 U.S. Consumer Gift Card Market

Given the importance of gift cards, it’s crucial for merchants to stay on top of industry trends and understand how consumers perceive and use gift cards. On behalf of First Data, Market Strategies International recently conducted the “2011 U.S. Prepaid Consumer Insights Study” to delve into consumer behaviors and attitudes related to gift cards. Specifically, this study compares data from 2010 to 2011 and provides valuable insights into trends in the gift card industry, including the following: 

• Usage of closed vs. open loop gift cards

• The types of cards that consumers are buying this year

• Factors motivating a gift card purchase

• The role of gift card malls

• How recipients perceive a gift card’s value

• Reloading behaviors

• Usage of e-gift cards

• Projected use of gift cards during the 2011 holiday shopping season

This is the first of two white papers focused on the gift card industry. The second white paper will explore consumer attitudes and behaviors for five distinct consumer segments.