Perspective: The Future of POS

Gone are the days of the stationary cash register. Today, advanced point-of-sale (POS) systems enable small business owners to streamline the payments process while integrating business management capabilities, allowing them to serve more customers efficiently and effectively.  If you’re a small business owner, you now have more payment acceptance options than ever, including tablet and smartphone apps and integrated payment systems – in addition to traditional POS systems.

Technology-driven developments for the POS are aimed at helping you grow your business by increasing payment processing capabilities which in turn gives you more time to focus on what you do best – your business. In fact, the POS is becoming a more intuitive and interactive commerce experience, allowing you to easily keep track of customer data so it’s simple to run promotion and loyalty programs and integrate with social media, in addition to enabling the newest payment technology like near-field communications (NFC) and QR codes. As we move into a contactless payments world, this shift is driving the evolution of POS systems and merchants should be ready to embrace new technology to gain a competitive edge and better serve today’s tech savvy consumer.

Next-Gen Solutions

Customers today are increasingly more comfortable using technology to make shopping decisions, and in turn, expect their retailers to be ready.  In response, you can create a richer experience at the POS by embracing next-generation technology. Modern POS features include secure payment options with wireless POS, the ability to conduct business on-the-go with wireless terminals, using a smartphone to accept payments and redeeming paperless coupons and loyalty offers.

As technology evolves, having a full-featured, modern POS system will future-proof your business and enable effective customer service. Next-gen POS solutions are actually making it easier for you to connect with customers by creating more opportunities to personalize service. Even better – First Data can act as a trusted advisor to make sure you have what you need to get started right away.

First Data POS offerings include:

  • First Data Pogo™ and Mobile Pay™ – solutions that enables fast, safe credit/debit card payment processing via a web-enabled smartphone or tablet. Both offerings encrypt card data to ensure that you are saving time and protecting your customers.
  • First Data POS terminals and integrated systems – a full line of fast and secure terminals that can integrate mobile and contactless technology, while maintaining the reliable format merchants have come to know.
  • First Data e4SM Gateway – online payment gateway that offers a safe and reliable solution for card-not-present transactions, and includes a comprehensive suite of payment services with the ability to expand payment acceptance globally.

These innovations not only help to level the playing field for small business owners, but also give them smart tools that allow for freedom from the register.  An integrated, full-featured POS system with smart payment processing technology doesn’t have to be just for large enterprises. Small businesses can easily and cost-effectively take advantage of this new technology to stay competitive, attract and retain customers – and grow their bottom line.

Jim Contardi is general manager of the small business segment at First Data.