Perspective: Card Linked Offers on the Move

The convenience of smartphones has led to a growth in mobile marketing over the last several years. It’s also led to a change in consumer behavior. Consumers now expect immediate access to information in the palm of their hand. The trend toward mobile marketing has enabled the emergence of personalized deals delivered using geofencing technology, which works by sending offers to consumers who are within a specific range of a merchant’s location.

The early results of such marketing programs look promising. Many providers report that response rates are higher if the customer receives an offer while they're actually near the merchant. This is really good news for merchants who regularly need to move perishable goods, fill empty hotel rooms, fill empty seats, or sell excess inventory. It's also a great way to reach only those individuals with the highest likelihood to buy as opposed to advertising to the masses.

One publisher of location-based offers is ROXIMITY.

ROXIMITY is taking wheeling and dealing to a new level by delivering relevant offers to customers when they are within blocks of a merchant’s location. They deliver timely and targeted location-based deals and alerts to customers’ cell phones or through Ford Sync AppLink enabled vehicles. Shoppers opt into the program and define the types of offers they would like to receive. When their excursions bring them near relevant merchants, they will be notified that there is a special deal available to them, complete with driving directions. The program can also replace a traditional loyalty punch card program. Consumers simply link the offer to their payment card, and it is automatically redeemed at the time of checkout using the First Data OfferWiseSM technology.

As consumer behaviors change, your marketing techniques should evolve too. Have you considered location-based offers?

George Zirkel is vice president of advanced solutions and innovation at First Data.