Expanding OfferWise services in support of creating a ubiquitous card-linked offer market

Card-linked offers (CLOs) are approaching critical mass as the preferred marketing solution for merchants seeking to drive real and measurable in-store sales from online and mobile promotions. This is evinced by the recent founding of the CardLinX Association, an industry association created to promote interoperability among key players in the market such as Microsoft, Bank of America, Facebook, Discover, Living Social, Affinity Solutions, MasterCard, American Express, First Data and many others. Check out the CardLinx Association website at www.cardlinx.org.

In support of creating a ubiquitous CLO marketplace, we’re excited to announce that we’re expanding our OfferWise solution, an open platform that simplifies the offer redemption process for consumers and merchants, in support of Microsoft’s Bing Offers with two new services: processing of statement credits to consumers for CLOs for any U.S. merchant and an enhanced merchant settlement function that allows us to bill First Data merchants on behalf of Microsoft for the statement credit discount amount and CLO marketing fees. No credit card or ACH form is needed in order to sign up merchants for Bing Offers, which is often a sticking point during the sales process.

“Eliminating the friction for merchants around billing and collection of CLO fees is critical to increasing merchant adoption,” said Erik Jorgensen, General Manager, Local Advertising for Microsoft.

Look for more advancements from First Data in the card-linked offers space as we explore bringing these services, and others, to the marketplace soon.

Dom Morea is First Data's Senior Vice President, Advanced Solutions and Innovation.