Media Relations


Corporate Security/Data Privacy Hotline

Ethics Helpline

The First Data Ethics Helpline provides employees and non-employees (i.e. merchants, consumers, etc.) a vehicle for reporting suspected unethical or questionable business practices.

International Toll-Free Service (ITFS)

AT&T Direct Dial Access®

  1. From an outside line dial the AT&T Direct Dial Access® for your location.
  2. At the prompt dial 800-337-3366.
  3. The call will be answered in English. To continue your call in another language, please state your language to request an interpreter. It may take 1-3 minutes to arrange for an interpreter. During this time please do not hang up.
First Data Corporate Headquarters

5565 Glenridge Connector NE, Suite 2000
Atlanta, GA 30342


+1 404 890-2000

+1 800 735-3362