OmniPay is First Data’s multi-currency, multi-country acquiring technology of choice for cost effective, efficient payment processing.

OmniPay processes transactions on behalf of 43 global acquirers across EMEA, North America and APAC for over 5 million merchants, in 70+ countries, across 163 different transaction currencies and all whilst managing in excess of 3,500 different interchange categories to keep acquirer costs to a minimum.

OmniPay provides clients with the performance, scalability and resilience necessary to support business growth.  Whether your objective is to expand your product offering, extend your global reach or improve operational efficiencies, OmniPay can help you succeed.

Remote Access Module (RAM) for Acquirers

With the OmniPay internet-based Remote Access Module (RAM) customers can gain real-time access to acquiring data.

Remote Access Module (RAM) for Merchants

As an Acquirer, enable your merchants to access payment data quickly and easily with the Remote Access Module (RAM), a web-based portal that provides real-time, secure access to merchant data.

OmniPay Authorisation Service

A service that gives an Acquirer 24/7 secure authorisation switching for both domestic and international merchants on behalf of merchant acquirers.

Clearing and Settlement

An efficient and cost effective service that offers outstanding responsiveness to acquiring clients and their customers.

Merchant Billing and Funding

Acquiring clients can benefit from flexibility and customisation with the ability to charge in different ways, depending on their needs, the needs of their customers and the ever-changing payments landscape.

Dispute Management

RAM Dispute Management maintains all relevant authorisation, presentment, refund and merchant data, together with merchant actions, notes and documentation in one centrally-managed dispute case.  RAM Dispute Management is offered either as a solution or a service driven by client needs.


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