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The Universal Commerce Innovation Exchange Presents a Discussion of Online-Offline Convergence

The Innovation Exchange, sponsored by First Data, is a group of industry thought leaders who provide perspectives on consumer and technology issues related to the convergence of in-store commerce, eCommerce, and mobile commerce.  The goal of the Innovation Exchange is to advance conversation on Universal Commerce, spotlighting many of the opportunities, challenges, and realities faced in bringing the vision to life—all through open and continued discourse among some of the experts in this evolving arena.

New technology is transforming what consumers expect from retailers and financial institutions. As payments, banking, social networking, and commerce intersect through smartphones, tablets, personal computers, and brick-and-mortar stores, consumers seamlessly cross channels in pursuit of value, convenience, validation, and a buying experience personalized to their specific preferences. This paper captures Innovation Exchange members’ diverse viewpoints on the accelerating convergence of online and offline channels.