First Data is a leading provider of technology for payment services with presence in Mexico since 1994. We provide services to financial institutions and merchants of many different industries building long term relationships.

Our products and services include:

  • Card processing and consumer finance solutions
  • Cards acceptance and added values for it
  • Prepaid platforms for gift cards and multiple purposes
  • Acquiring processing and switching solutions including – Authorisation, Clearing and Settlement, Merchant Billing and Funding, Dispute Management and Transaction Management and Reporting 
  • Bank correspondent developments
  • Business intelligence, information and risk management

First Data looks for every opportunity to help customers get more value from every transaction. We develop innovative solutions to make payments simpler, faster, safer and more rewarding.

Contact Information
Sales Contact
Ángeles Berrueta
Media Contact
Luciana Machado
+55 11 3631-1407