Access your business on the go with First Data Online Account Management Tool



As a merchant of First Data, you may access your transaction data via its secure web-based portal, Online Account Management Tool – RAM (Remote Access Module), in real-time quickly and easily. This increases your efficiency as you can spend more time focusing on your business.


RAM is designed to provide you with access to:

  • account information 24 hours a day through a single web-based portal
  • an instant and comprehensive view of transaction data in a layout which is simple and easy to understand
  • daily transaction details, statements, reports and settlements for quick and easy reconciliation
  • information you need to manage your business today and the historical analysis that could help you to improve your business for tomorrow


Ease of reconciliation

  • Merchants may see all data relating to submitted transactions, transaction fees, account fees and settlement, enabling quick and easy reconciliation
  • Download monthly transaction reports at retailer and outlet levels to reconcile with bank statements or analyse trends across outlets

Greater Convenience

  • View and track your business transactions efficiently, effectively and electronically
  • Access to transaction history for 13 months
  • Reduce reconciliation time as you can access information 24/7 anytime to check settlement totals and transaction data
  • Reduce waiting time for a statement as you have 24/7 access to view, manage and reconcile your daily transactions and access reports by card type, terminal and overall daily totals online
  • Real-time visibility of chargeback and fraud cases allows the merchant to proactively review and fast track a resolution

Report Flexibility

  • Download your transaction details in Excel or CSV formats and invoices in PDF format
  • Report also available for delivery via email upon request
  • Receive monthly invoices via email

“With First Data, we are able to use their online management for our accounts reconciliation as it is available anytime and easy to use. In addition, the secured portal has the capacity to store our transaction history for 13 months. This helps us to save some administrative costs as we are able to download our transaction records at once when we are preparing our financial reports for our yearly audit,” shared Ms Tricia Tjhin of The White Ombre in Singapore.