How to Get Your POS Terminals Ready for Chip & PIN



With the industry-wide migration from signature to PIN verification, all POS terminals accepting payment card transactions have to be upgraded to support the entry of PIN by 1 January 2017.

Since mid-2016, the deployment of PIN-enabled terminals has started and you will start to see more and more PIN & PAY logo and terminals supporting PIN everywhere. First Data has produced display material for you to display at your cashier points to inform and educate your customers of the PIN verification. If you have any queries on POS terminal upgrade, please call our Merchant Services hotline at 03 6207 4888.

Terminal Installation Checklist

1. Position of PIN Pad for customer convenience

Position the PIN pad to allow customers to insert and enter PIN conveniently.

Ensure the PIN pad cable is long enough to allow the PIN pad to be held by customers.

2. PIN Security Considerations

If a privacy shield is provided, ensure it is installed on the PIN pad.

Ensure the PIN pad can be held up by customers to face it away from others, or is positioned such that customers can securely enter their PIN.

Ensure security cameras cannot record the PIN being entered.

3. PIN & PAY campaign logo visiblity

Place the tent card near the terminal or the cash register.

4. Retailer user guides access 

Retailer booklet and Frequently Asked Questions

Quick visual guide / Mini manual

Cashier reminder leaflet, placed near the terminal

Training videos available on