In another significant step for First Data and our clients in Asia Pacific, we’re now able to offer you Insightics – a bespoke data analytics solution for you to sell on to your merchants. This powerful tool uses data to provide your merchants with unique insights about their business.

Insightics goes well beyond the transaction by helping your merchants to ultimately improve their growth and profitably run their businesses. Most importantly, Insightics provides you with an opportunity to offer them a unique value-added solution. In addition, we can create bespoke analytics and customise the solution to fit your specific needs.

While Insightics is new to this region, it’s already had a real business impact in the United States. As Boston was left reeling from the 2.68 metres of snow earlier this year, our data analytics crunched millions of transactions in the Boston area and compared them with data from over four million merchants to uncover the true cost of the icy blast: a dramatic 6.2 per cent drop in local spending compared to a 1.5 per cent increase across the rest of the country.

News organisations in the US have also been using our data to augment their coverage, further highlighting our capabilities as a company.