Instalment Payment Plan

Offer your customers an easy and affordable way to indulge in their shopping pleasures and large-ticket items with ease.

This plan is ideal for driving large-ticket items such as watches and jewellery, travel and hospitality, consumer electronics, furniture, medical etc.

Key features

  • Minimal setup required as it uses your existing First Data POS terminal
  • Automated bank instalment payment plan processing via a single POS terminal
  • Offers bank instalment via a single POS terminal to free up space at counters for POS displays
  • Automated processing helps to reduce fraud exposure and protect cardholder information


  • Boost large-ticket sales as customers are able to make their purchases easily and more quickly
  • Enhance customer satisfaction and drive repeat high-value business with flexible plans from 6 months to 36 months and interest rates as low as 0%