Our Services

For over 25 years, we have been actively developing and co-creating the payment services market in Poland. We offer proven solutions and are constantly working on the development of innovative products that can effectively increase competitive strength of banks and financial institutions collaborating with us. Among our assets are up-to-date technology and our experienced team, as well as the best specialists hired in our Polish competency centre.

Thanks to our proactive approach, by which we mean recognizing the needs of our clients and providing optimal solutions for them, we help banks and financial institutions to use the potential of advanced technologies.

Choose First Data if you want to:

  • Increase your profits by using innovative payment solutions
  • Acquire new clients due to a diversified services offer
  • Guarantee comfortable and secure operations

We offer comprehensive services in issuing and managing payment cards, as well as authorizing and accounting for all operations performed with them. Additionally, we manage an ATM network and provide safety for both transactions and financial data.

We serve 25 banks

We process almost 1 billion transactions per annum

We manage a base of over 6 million cards

We manage a network of 1500 automated teller machines

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