Debit Cards

The current market trends show that the majority of banks entrusts specialised companies with the knowledge and breadth of solutions to manage its payment cards business service.

What are the benefits?

  • Reduce costs
  • Minimize the risk of technological changes
  • Improve your business efficiency
  • Focus on your core banking services

First Data provides its collaborating banks with a strong position in the area of innovative product offer. As a result, a particular bank can extend its advanced payment services to the clients without bearing the costs of modernising infrastructure.

Trust our competence and experience.

We offer:

  • Card issuing
  • Managing the card base and the whole card life cycle
  • Connecting to Visa and MasterCard payment organizations network
  • Forwarding and processing authorization messages
  • Accounting inland and external operations
  • Generating, providing and managing personal identification numbers (PIN Postal Delivery, PIN by SMS, PIN by WEB, PIN by IVR)
  • 3D-Secure Service (Verified by Visa, MasterCard SecureCode)
  • Comprehensive reporting tools
  • Servicing consumer complaints

Debit card offer involves:

Currency cards
Multicurrency cards
Cash back
CNP limits

Credit Cards

For many years, First Data has specialized in advanced credit cards solutions. We regularly implement innovative solutions according to new regulations. Confide in our experience and entrust our experts with the development of your bank’s credit card proposition.

You can gain:

  • A comprehensive card product proposition
  • Card volume growth
  • Regular adjusting of your offer to the market’s regulations

The offer includes:

  • Card issuing and managing services
  • Maintaining a credit card account
  • Booking operations, calculating fees, commissions and interests
  • Managing your balance, payoffs monitoring
  • Servicing the instalment credit on your credit card account
  • Preparing bank statement data for the account’s owner and card user
  • Tools and data supporting the eviction process
  • Assisting in the reclamation process