By diversifying their product offer, banks particularly underscore the safety of their clients’ financial operations and data. First Data treats those issues with the highest priority, therefore our products and services meet even the most strict rules and safety standards implemented on the local as well as the global market.

Our solutions minimize the risk of payment frauds and financial data theft.
We do our best to guarantee the comfort of our clients and to create an image of customer-friendly, safe bank.

What can you gain by using our tools?

  • Access to the most advanced securities provided by an internationally experienced partner
  • Quality guarantee evidenced with the PCI DSS certificate (in the scope of personal data security and that saved on payment cards)
  • The trust of our customers, who can be certain that their finances are safe

What is included in our services scope?


Modern operations monitoring system and precise data analisys (Proactive Risk Manager – PRM)

Minimizing the risk of fraudulent transactions

  • Enables to pick up all the real-time scheme deviations
  • In case of fraud suspicion, every attempt of performing a transaction is automatically blocked; alternatively, the system generates an alert which lets the fraud’s foiling

Additional coverage of online transactions (3D Secure)

Effective mechanism of card’s holder authentication

It lets the two-tier verification:

  • Based on the card’s number, durability date and CVV/CVC2 code
  • By means of a one-off password sent as a text message and/or a static password

Interactive alert and message notifications service (Money Guard)

Increasing the monitoring efficiency

Based on the two pillars:

  • Informing the card’s user about dubious operations via text message (Fraud Alert – connected with the PRM system)
  • Informing the user about the online account’s actions via text message

What are our features?

  • quick implementation of the chosen solutions
  • the possibility of tailoring services to the individual needs of the bank’s clients
  • wide range of possible solutions