POS terminal payments are not only fast and safe – you can link payment solution to many additional services. Due to this you will make the offer more advanced and attractive, and as a result you will attract new customers.

Pre-Paid Cards

A comprehensive package of prepaid solutions can help you achieve your business aims. Implement it into your business strategy in both expenses management and building long-lasting relationships with clients.

What can you gain?

  • Complex service and pre-paid cards implementation
  • Support in trainings for workers and in the scope of abiding by the rules and regulations
  • Reporting services
  • Better visibility of the brand
  • Customer’s satisfaction and loyalty
  • Growth of the sales and benefits

Choose the development strategy with the First Data pre-paid card

Pre-Paid Card

Optimize the funds management in the company

Loyalty Programs

Create relations with your clients

Gift Card

Increase your benefits and build the brand’s awareness

Mobile and Contactless Payments

Remember that your customers:

  • are inseparable with their smartphones;
  • are mobile applications users;
  • value comfort and convenience;
  • search for the solutions that may help them save time.

Meet their expectations and ensure access to payments through mobile phones.

The advantages of BLIK mobile payments and contactless payments introduction:

Acceleration and simplification of purchasing and services payments

Benefits growth by increasing the number of transactions

Increase of customer satisfaction


Implement the possibility of performing transactions in the cardholder’s currency. The cardholder will not bear additional costs connected with currency converting.

You can get:

  • New customers from abroad who will settle up in foreign currency in an equally simple way as in their home country
  • An image of a company which is modern and amenable to innovations

POS terminals automatically recognize foreign payment cards and their currencies.

Service available for:

country flags

Cash Back

Offer your customers the opportunity to take money out while making purchases.

You can get:

  • Benefits growth connected with the greater number of customers
  • Reducing the cost of cash handling
  • Strengthening the image of a modern company

Cash withdrawal is possible after performing a payment via payment card. Withdrawal amount cannot exceed 300 PLN.

Mobile Phone Top Up

Make the opportunity to top up mobile phones through the POS terminal available to your clients. From this, you will receive part of the transaction profit margin from the mobile operators.

Top-up may be performed:

  • Off-line – by entering the code, printed on the payment confirmation, to the phone
  • On-line – by connecting with the operator accounting system and automatic actualisation of the customer’s account.