First Data India’s Prepaid Platform Wins Praises from Timetric Cards International - Part 4

Optimizing Merchant Services through CRM

In addition to its award-winning prepaid platform, First Data also took home CRM Programme of the Year honors at the 2014 Cards & Electronic Payments International Asia Trailblazer Summit & Awards. The category acknowledges companies that use new, innovative methods and channels to improve customer retention and revenue. The award recognizes First Data’s implementation of a Salesforce CRM system to manage Merchant Services for a major Indian financial institution.

The award-winning CRM program was part of a partnership that saw First Data take end-to-end control of Merchant Services functions, including acquiring, switching, backend operations and merchant processing. Prior to the migration of Merchant Services, First Data recognized the need to increase productivity, enhance operations and boost throughput-per-person for Merchant Services workflows. This included creating a defined and efficient process for raising merchant services cases and improving the tracking of cases, thereby providing better service and enhancing merchant satisfaction.

To accomplish these goals, First Data implemented Salesforce, a CRM-based solution, to track and manage merchant services cases. Groups/streams were created for each of the merchant services support functions: sales, payments, chargeback, credit & risk, merchant maintenance, customer service, terminal management, and incident resolution. Next, a total of 150 workflows were created relating to the above functions, including both single-step and multi-step closure workflows. Auto-assign and routing features were added to further enhance efficiency.

The CRM program enables employees to oversee merchant services cases through various dashboards for each work stream, with downloadable and printable reports. To ensure timely case resolution, the program includes a three-level escalation process for tracking and prioritizing cases, featuring automated escalation email triggers. And to enhance communication, an intranet chat function was added to allow internal teams to connect and follow up on cases.

To optimize the implementation of the new CRM program, First Data created a user manual for efficient training of current and future employees.

From the merchant perspective, the new CRM program offers an email-to-case functionality, allowing the convenient auto-creation of cases via email. Automated SMS and email alerts keep merchants informed on the status of their cases, further enhancing merchant satisfaction.

Following the complete migration of merchant services the CRM program, First Data is realizing a range of benefits. Automation features are improving productivity of call center support staff and improved tracking is increasing the overall efficiency of merchant services teams — and clear reporting is giving higher management a consolidated overview of these key metrics.

These efficiencies are already enhancing First Data’s merchant satisfaction. Cases are tracked reliably and prioritized and escalated more effectively, helping to exceed merchant expectations for service quality. Between the operational efficiencies and the resulting improvements in merchant satisfaction, this innovative CRM-based merchant services program is giving First Data a distinct competitive advantage in a competitive and aggressive market.