Save time with Credit Card Batch Processing


Batch Processing allows you to manage and schedule large transaction volumes and recurring charges to your customers’ credit cards. This is ideal for non-real time transactions such as memberships, subscription billings and regular mail orders.

Help your Business

  • Eliminate time spent manually by staff to process cheques or individual electronic payments via a POS terminal.
  • Accept payments safely and securely as your customers’ transactions are authorised in real time.
  • Increase efficiency as you can process and schedule multiple customer card payments simultaneously by simply uploading a file into our secure web-based portal via your computer with an internet connection to upload the batch files with secure encryption.
  • Ensure faster reconciliation and better cash flow management for your business with the full status report provided for each batch of payments processed.

Key Features

  • Processing capabilities allow you to process multiple transactions at one time, permitting you to choose when to process transactions.
  • Simple and user-friendly online system that allows you to login and upload batches of transactions for processing within the same day.
  • Accepts all major Visa and MasterCard debit and credit cards
  • Instant access to comprehensive transaction, settlement and reconciliation reports for business analysis.
  • Receive email or SMS notifications of batch processing completion with the ability to monitor the file processing from upload to completion.
  • Secure, industry standard online safety measures, to protect your customers’ card details.
  • Real-time authorisation of transactions