EMV in the USA: Best Practices and Lessons Learned

Industry buzz about implementing an EMV-enabled payment infrastructure in the United States is becoming louder and more frequent. EMV provides the promise of reduced card payment fraud and enhanced global payments interoperability, and when combined with additional layers of security (like encryption and tokenization), it will undoubtedly benefit the entire payments value chain. As the U.S. payments industry considers the various options of chip card adoption, issuers and merchants are beginning preparations for this new era of payment acceptance.

With so many players involved in the process, it is no surprise that there are varying opinions and some uncertainty about what EMV will look like as it rolls out in the U.S. market. This paper seeks to clarify some of this confusion by exploring various EMV implementation options and discussing some best practices that have emerged from successful EMV rollouts that have taken place around the world in recent years.