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Strategies for Mobile Investments

In today’s world of Universal Commerce, businesses not engaged in mobile commerce will be displaced by competitors who are.

The challenge for any business pursuing a mobile commerce strategy comes down to this: deciding what commerce capabilities are valuable to their businesses. Many service providers participate in today’s market, and the technology is changing rapidly. How does a business decide what is important and what will deliver good return on investment?

Members of the Universal Commerce Innovation Exchange discussed the question with Arkady Fridman, a Senior Analyst with Aite Group. Part 1 of this 2-part series looks at the importance of addressing fundamental business strategy and engagement questions from a customer-centric point of view. Part 2 takes a closer look at how to implement a mobile commerce strategy to help ensure a good return on investment.

The Universal Commerce Innovation Exchange, sponsored by First Data, is a group of industry thought leaders that provides insights and information to encourage and aid organizations to build high-value Universal Commerce business strategies.

Aite Group is an independent research and advisory firm that focuses on financial services (