First Data offers customers the convenience of cardholder access to ATMs and EFTPOS across Australia. We operate 5,800 ATMs for merchant customers and Financial Institutions. In addition we process, drive and manage 6,200 ATMs for financial institutions and other operators.

First Data Advantages

Cashcard Network members can access ATMs throughout Australia without having to negotiate bilateral interchange arrangements. By leveraging the combined volume of cards, ATMs and transactions from many financial institutions, we can offer the advantage of cost-effective access.

Key Components

  • Ease of network access through leverage or pre-existing Cashcard member bilateral interchange Links.  
  • Ease of update and implementation – additional BIN’s can be enabled across multiple links negating the need for individual implementations.  
  • Management of routing arrangements for each member
  • Consolidated reporting that identifies where the transaction originated
  • Reduced settlement processes requiring only one payment to Cashcard
  • Future access to international debit network