ATM ISO Solutions

Our online reporting tools allow you to take a more active role in ATM management and our customized reporting addresses your specific requirements, whether you have one ATM or thousands.

We’ve designed our merchant services with flexibility in mind, because we know that’s how we can meet the needs of Independent Sales Organizations (ISOs).


  • Streamlined ATM management using online reporting tools through Java-based web browser technology
  • Quick response to industry changes and market dynamics with 24/7 customer service and technical support for every leading ATM make and model
  • Dedicated relationship managers who provide personalized customer support
  • Customized proprietary software to fine-tune your fleet management, monitoring, reporting and revenue sharing
  • Seamless connection to major debit and credit card associations and networks
  • Real-time transaction summaries and detail information
  • A variety of telecom options, including:
    - Dial-up
    - Leased line
    - SSL
    - Wireless
    - VPN
  • An advanced monitoring tool that can quickly alert you when one of your ATMs begins functioning in an error state