The best startups take their innovative ideas and meld them with First Data’s superior scale, technology, infrastructure and support to deliver truly ground-breaking solutions for First Data’s clients. When we can combine agile innovation and global scale, everyone wins.

Why would you want to have First Data Ventures invest in your company?

  • Scale. Transactions drive commerce every day and First Data processes more transactions than anyone else.
  • Reach. First Data operates dozens of related commerce businesses that connect to banks, merchants, financial institutions and many other players in the world of commerce.
  • Experience. Growing business is important to any startup, and First Data is made up of entrepreneurs that have done exactly that. We’re global in reach but understand how to grow at a rapid pace.
  • Reliability. First Data runs some of the most fault tolerant systems in the world.
  • Flexibility. Maybe you aren’t ready for investment but want to test a pilot—let’s talk and see what’s best for your business.

How We Work

Business runs 24×7 and so do we. We realize that entrepreneurs need fast decisions and deep industry expertise. When you trust First Data Ventures to evaluate your pride and joy, you want fast, honest and helpful feedback, and we work hard to ensure we respect the time you give us to get to know your business. We strive to be the corporate venture capital team of choice for entrepreneurs who want to transform the rapidly changing payments ecosystem.

What We Invest In

If you know First Data then you know we’re a leader in business services for merchants and financial institutions all around the world. We have scale and reach, so we’re looking for innovation, agility and clever ideas that have the potential to become great products. If you’re thinking about taking commerce, integrated payments, fintech, loyalty, transactions or anything like that to the next level, we probably speak the same language.

Why We’re Different

We know commerce top to bottom and have been at the forefront of many innovative solutions for merchants, financial institutions, and software developers. We see transactions from every angle and know what it takes to win. We have the experience, contacts, know-how to help your business reach its full potential. Only First Data has the breadth and depth of commerce experience to drive your company to the next level. Are you ready to grow?