EMV® for Independent Software Vendors (ISV)

Solutions for EMV Integration


The Time for EMV is Now

With 44.1% of cards and 72.0% of terminals already supporting the EMV chip standard globally, adoption in the U.S. will probably be faster than in previous geographies1. For merchants with proprietary software or payment application developers who are interested in integrating EMV into their applications, First Data offers the Rapid Connect® solution.

What is Rapid Connect?

Rapid Connect is a single point of integration with First Data that provides access to all payment types, all industries, all platforms, anywhere – including EMV. The Rapid Connect solution offers a feature–rich online test environment, readily–available support and immediate access to innovative payment technologies.

First Data EMV Solutions

By partnering with First Data, you gain the following early–adopter benefits:

"First-to-market" protection against the potential fraud shift to non–chip cards

"Top-of-wallet" consumer preference advantages by issuing cards now

Control your card issuance schedule – and costs

One-stop-shop for chip card personalization and production at our state-of-the-art facility

Meet the needs of cardholders who travel by providing international card acceptance

Simplify the card issuance process down to the few important chip decisions that are critical for your business utilizing our streamlined implementation guide

Additional Resources

EMV Debit Rollout

The industry is still determining some of the implications for EMV Debit with regard to Durbin Regulation and the requirement for two unaffiliated debit networks on a card. Please refer to the following industry association sites for the most recent information:

1 "Worldwide EMV Deployment", EMVCo.com