Unique stories of real business owners that are passionate about the work they do and innovate each day to surprise and delight their customers. They are Ownerpreneurs.

AVA Brew cultivates community through coffee with Clover

As an attorney, coffee was the oil that kept Jamie Rogers’ engine running, especially when he toiled through the midnight hours. He learned to love a good brew during a time when worked piled so high he would sometimes sleep under his desk.

Shu’s Flower uses Clover to make data-driven decisions

Shuhua Liang, owner of Shu’s Flower in New York City, turns to Clover to help run her business. She appreciates her Clover hardware for its beautiful design, speed and simplicity. And in a business where timing inventory purchases just right is critical, she relies on inventory management to study trends in her own business and make data-driven ordering decisions—especially around holidays when volume can scale quickly. With Clover, Liang can use cutting-edge technology to create a successful independent business. As for the flowers, there’s always her mother’s sage advice: “For some things, the old ways are better.”

Bar Pa Tea Delights Customers with Bubble Tea

Bar Pa Tea owner Patrick Yeh’s Nolita bubble tea shop was inspired by his childhood in Taiwan where sipping it and socializing was a tradition. Now living in New York City raising his own family, the former shipping industry salesman decided to reconnect with his homeland and open Bar Pa Tea. Patrick was passionate about the project, spending late nights perfecting recipes in his kitchen. He put a new twist on the tea by emphasizing natural ingredients, and created a customer favorite: tea soft serve ice cream.

Clover Cool Where Delicious and Fresh Food Rule

At NYC's Olive’s, Clover's POS system makes running the business easier, so owner Nick Hartman can dedicate more time to giving customers high quality, freshly prepared food every day.

DAS BBQ uses Clover to create a pit perfect experience

As a boy, Stephen Franklin learned the art and science of preparing one of the great American cuisines. Now he runs the Atlanta-based DAS BBQ, and he’s intent on creating a lasting venture where customers can enjoy tasty food and make great memories.