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Getting up and running with your free Clover Go device.

Step 1: Confirm your device will work with the reader:

  • Android: Requires Android version 4.4 or higher
  • iOS: Requires iOS 8.2 or higher (model 4S or later)
  • Bluetooth 4.0 (BT LE) supported

Step 2: Are you already a Clover user and know your login information?

If no: 

  • Call us at 855-825-3553 and we will be happy to help you get set up!

If yes: 

  • Find the Clover Go app in the Apple iTunes app store or Google Play store.  Download and install.
  • Sign in to the app with the email address and password you normally use to log into your Clover dashboard.
  • When prompted to create a PIN, use the same one you use to log in to your Clover device
  • Pair your card reader (for best results, charge card reader for at least 30 minutes first):
    • Open settings drawer by tapping on the Menu icon in upper left corner
    • Tap “Card Reader”; if prompted to allow Clover Go access to your device location, tap “Yes” or “Allow”
    • Tap “Pair Contactless + Chip Reader”
    • Turn on Contactless + Chip card reader by pressing and holding the power button for 5 seconds or until the blue light is blinking
    • After a few moments the reader name will appear in the “Select Your Device” section
    • Tap the reader name to start the pairing process.
    • When finished, a “Card Reader Connected” message will display
  • If you are a Payments Plus user, you can take a payment in Quick Mode by following these steps
    • Enter the total amount of your sale
    • Tap Checkout
    • Select payment type
    • Tap Continue
    • Swipe card or manually enter card number
    • Ask customer to sign if necessary
    • Tap Done
    • (Optional) Select receipt option
  • If you are a Register, Register Lite or Classic user, you can also take payments in Inventory Mode by: 
    • Tap Add inventory Item
    • Tap Inventory items that you would like to add to your order
      • NOTE: If you would like to add multiple orders of the same item, simply tap the item again
    • Tap Add X Items to Order
    • View the total and items in the order
    • Tap Checkout X Items
    • Tap the tender type that the customer would like to pay with
    • If you are accepting tips, allow the customer to select their tip amount
    • Tap Continue
    • (Optional) If the customer is paying by card:
    • Swipe card or manually input card number
    • Tap Authorize
    • If necessary, allow the customer to sign on screen
    • Tap Done
    • (Optional) Tap Send Receipt if the customer would like to receive a receipt via text or email

That’s it! Additional information can be found at or by contacting us at 855-825-3553. The Clover Go Team