WATCH WEBINAR: Connecting the Dots: How Private Sector Commerce Trends are Impacting the Government of the Future

The economic furnace generated by ecommerce has been the focus of many business executives, financial institutions, as well as many local, state, and federal political leaders. Ecommerce has touched all aspects of business — technology infrastructure, B2B and B2C commerce, business portals, new business models, new strategies, and new relationships. As the use of electronic commerce by financial institutions and business continues to grow, the private sector is benefiting from this low-cost means of reaching consumers. This begs the question: can ecommerce be used effectively by government sectors to support their mission and meet the demands of citizens and businesses across the ebbs and flows of the economic cycle.

In this webinar, explore insights on private sector and financial institution payment and ecommerce trends to help prepare you for the future. This discussion will include:

  • Emerging payment trends in retail, banking, and commerce
  • Connected devices and their impact on the consumer experience
  • Mobile wallets and other emerging technologies
  • Regulatory developments
  • Trends in innovation and collaboration