Customer Communications Gets More Personal

You communicate with your customers — that’s a given.   But how effective are you?  Are your customers receiving the right content, at the right time, and through their preferred communications channel?  Are you in control of what’s being sent, with the flexibility to personalize the content? 

Many businesses are challenged with one-way, notification-only communications.  These communications act like a megaphone — informing your customers but not allowing you to hear responses, collect important data, stay informed of customer needs, or how to retain their business.  Whether customers click on your web link, scan a QR code, interact with your content or respond real-time to your payment requests — customer communications today should be a two-way street


Communications Can No Longer Be Static

According to cloud communications platform company Twilio, 85% of customers want to not only receive a message from a business but also to answer.  This demand explains one of the most talked about trends amongst businesses — Customer Communications Management (CCM). 

Your customers expect their communications to be customized and served up in real time.  A CCM solution helps improve the customer experience by enabling you to create, produce, and distribute business communications that are highly personalized and interactive — giving you complete control over the customer messaging.  


Bye Bye Communications Silos

Your customers have high expectations.  They want to interact with you through the communication channels of their choice — traditional printed documents, email, Short Message Service (SMS) and web portals.  But you’re not trying to pick a “winner” here — the goal is to connect your communications channels so that they all work together. 

The challenge is to ensure that your customers’ interaction with you is consistent, and that your messaging is reinforced across all channels.  A modern CCM solution unifies your customer communications without the silos — moving from fragmented multi-channels to a smooth, seamless omni-channel customer experience. 


Let’s Get Personal

Whether shopping for a mortgage or deciding which movie to stream, your customers expect personalized communications and relevant recommendations from you.  The goal of your CCM solution is to create the best “individual” customer experience — delivering the right content to the right customers at the right time in the right context, through their preferred channel. 

More and more businesses realize that personalized communications are a win-win strategy.  According to Janrain technology firm, companies that delivered personalized online experiences realized a 19% uplift in sales. 

How well your customer communications are managed and controlled creates business value and a competitive advantage.  It's important to choose a CCM solution partner that offers the best combination of tools and technology, experienced staff and good value for money.

Personalized communications
are a win-win strategy for businesses.

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