How DAS BBQ uses Clover to create a pit-perfect barbecue experience

As a boy, Stephen Franklin learned the art and science of preparing one of the great American cuisines. Now he runs the Atlanta-based DAS BBQ, and he’s intent on creating a lasting venture where customers can enjoy tasty food and make great memories.

How DAS BBQ uses Clover to create a pit-perfect barbecue experience

For Stephen, selecting Clover Station and enhancing it with additional Clover hardware and apps was about choosing a technology that could be the central nervous system for his business, and customizing his POS to power a one-of-a-kind customer experience.

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How DAS BBQ gets it done with Clover:

  • Clover Flex and Clover Mini to get transactions done on the go, without interrupting the backyard-barbecue feel that makes DAS BBQ a go-to place for customers.
  • Clover Customer to capture contact information from happy customers and keep the relationship warm with offers and notifications.
  • Clover Rewards lets DAS BBQ increase loyalty and repeat visits by rewarding customers with their favorite items.
  • Clover Apps such as QuickBooks Sync automatically port transaction data into DAS BBQ's accounting software. DAVO Sales Tax automatically collects, files and pays DAS BBQ’s sales taxes, meaning one less job for the DAS BBQ team to do manually.
DAS BBQ image of BBQ food
Stephen Franklin is intent on smoking his meats to perfection and creating the ideal family-like atmosphere.

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