(Video-on-Demand): "Driving Commercial Card Vendor Payments from Middle Market Clients."

More of your middle-market customers now seek to automate key aspects of their businesses, including their financial operations. For many, though, vendor payments are still largely made by paper check.

Converting vendor payments from paper check to commercial cards can enable vendors to be paid faster, may improve cash flow for the businesses and potentially deliver a rich new fee income stream for issuers while increasing retention.

Attend this complimentary one-hour webinar presented by First Data® and partner MineralTree® to learn how your institution can help solve this critical operational problem for middle-market customers, and drive new fee revenue in the process.

Driving Commercial Card Vendor Payments

A First Data Webinar

Presented by First Data

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During this webinar, commercial payments experts will explore such questions as:

  • What is the middle-market opportunity for vendor payments?
  • Why do businesses struggle to make vendor payments on commercial cards?
  • How can financial institutions help their middle-market customers?
  • What is the shape of solutions to help fulfill the need?
  • BONUS: Hear from commercial payments industry pioneer BC Krishna, CEO of First Data Partner MineralTree.

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