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Accept Contactless, Touchless Payments

Helping to ensure customers’ trips to stores or home deliveries are faster, more efficient and safe.
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Provide EBT for Online Ordering & Delivery

Enhance existing EBT capabilities by leveraging our exclusive, patented Pin-On-Glass technology. Integrate quickly and easily.
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Enable Online Ordering for Curbside Pick-Up

Quickly leverage our Clover POS to support curbside pick-up or home delivery when customers order online. Accept more payments. EBT can be enabled.
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Fast Track Payments with Scan, Pay & Go

An all-in-one omni-channel platform creates a mobile checkout experience across channels, payment types, and form factors.
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Help Lower Your Overall Cost of Payments

As consumer behavior shifts, rely on intelligent transaction optimization that offers customers payment choice and seamless experiences.

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Link Guaranteed eACH Payments to Lower Costs

Offer your customers broader choice. Leverage electronic ACH payments at the POS, pump or mobile app. Lower transaction costs, and help eliminate chargebacks with a funds warranty. Can be tied to existing loyalty programs.

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Optimize the Cost of Routing Debit Payments

Customer preferences for debit payments are likely to increase in the new economy. An omni-channel debit routing solution will optimize your cost of payments online and at the point of sale, across all networks and card brands.

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Quickly Onboard
and Electronically
Pay Employees
Provide 100% electronic pay while reducing administration burden & costs. Give your employees a service that includes our proprietary check, optional card and mobile app to access and manage their wages. Help eliminate the need for distributing paper checks and lower risk. Help achieve compliance in all 50 states.

Protect your Customers and
Mitigate Risk and Fraud

In a time of heightened risk, leverage tools that help protect customer information, reduce fraud losses without compromising the experience.

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Secure Customers’ PII with End-to-End Protection

Remove sensitive data from your environment to help reduce PCI compliance scope. Secure personally identifiable information and sensitive personal information with scalable technology.

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Effective Tools to Prevent, Detect and Resolve Fraud

By using supervised machine learning as the core strategy, ensure you accurately identify fraudulent transactions, friendly fraud and account takeover, in real-time.

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Unlock Sales with Installment Payments
Allow customers more control over their spending decision making by offering installment payments as a payment option. This solution allows them to pay over time, while you receive payment immediately. Improve budgeting, increase cart conversion, and decrease risk.

Reach New Global Customers

As online commerce gains influence, dynamic pricing can help you extend your reach to conduct business with international customers in their currency.

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Dynamic Pricing in 70 Local Currencies
By taking your base pricing and converting it into more than 70 currencies without exchange rate risk exposure, you can present in-country shopping and purchasing experiences in the currency customers are comfortable with.

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