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First Data Enables Small Businesses to Dream Big

America was founded by risk-taking pioneers and that bold outlook still sets us apart today in the form of entrepreneurs who chart their own success through hard work and determination. Every year since 1963, the Presidential proclamation declaring National Small Business Week (NSBW) recognizes the contributions of America’s entrepreneurs who create nearly two out of every three new U.S. jobs each year.

National Small Business Week

First Data is proud to serve millions of small businesses with our products and services. This week we honor our small business owners and operators by featuring stories that profile who they are, what drives them forward, and how they are leveraging First Data’s innovative solutions and expertise. Watch their stories and see how our small business clients “dream big.”

It is an exciting time to be a small business in America. And it is also more challenging than ever to keep up with the many technology changes that are impacting businesses today. As smart phone and smart device usage by consumers and businesses alike continue to grow, dynamic tablet-based POS management systems are available to replace the old payment-only terminals on merchant countertops. This not only brings “smart” options to how payments are made and accepted, but also allows for other solutions to help businesses even more.

The impending liability shift in October aims to increase EMV®-card acceptance in the U.S. and bring a new level of security that has proven to reduce card fraud. We anticipate that EMV will be a big catalyst for payment device upgrades, the biggest we’ve seen in decades, and that this upgrade cycle will drive a similar evolution in hardware that we experienced when we went from flip-phones to smart phones.

At First Data, we are ready to help small businesses meet all of these changes and challenges. Our business clients have access to secure payment solutions that accept most payment types including EMV and contactless (i.e., Apple Pay, Google Wallet, etc.). Our new tablet-based CloverTM hardware is second to none. Our unique app market on these Clover devices has many tools to help make running a business easier and better.

As the ultimate resource for business owners and operators, First Data enables business owners to increase productivity, engage customers more, simplify business management, and gives them the freedom to focus on what they love to do…whether it is welcoming customers at the front of the store, baking the best muffins in town, or providing amazing service.

By investing in the best tech talent, innovations, and startups, we continue to enhance our product portfolio and provide the largest flexible solutions that are the right fit for each business no matter the size, type and location. Get more information on the full spectrum of our offerings for small businesses.