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ICYMI August: First Data in the News

In case you missed it (ICYMI), below, we’ve compiled the biggest stories from around the web in August, featuring issues important to First Data clients and partners, including coverage of First Data’s commitment to accommodating transgender diversity in the workplace, data from our summer SpendTrend report, Gyft-ing with bitcoin, and more:

A week ago . . . Russell Hubbard at The Omaha World-Herald talked with First Data’s Karen Whalen about the company’s commitment to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace for every owner-associate. Of particular interest to Hubbard was First Data’s policies accommodating transgendered employees. Karen explained First Data’s position on the subject:


Our overarching philosophy is that we want all our employees to bring their whole selves to work.”


Russell added, "Whalen said the company has a formal plan for accommodating transgender employees, including some locations with gender-neutral bathrooms, and some allowing people to use the restroom of their choice. Managers are trained to work with and support people newly making their transgender status public, Whalen said."

Also . . . First Data's July SpendTrend report caught a wave in the media, with publications including The Wall Street Journal, Franchise Times, Skift, and Digital Transactions all covering our findings. 

In an article about consumer spending habits, The Wall Street Journal reported that Americans are turning to travel, entertainment, and health care to spend their money. The reporter, Suzanne Kapner, included: 

"When it comes to discretionary spending, consumers are opening their wallets for travel and leisure activities. According to First Data Corp., which tracks sales at four million merchant locations across the country, travel expenditures rose 8.6% last month over a year earlier."


Two weeks ago  . . . The CoinTelegraph, a news outlet that focuses on crypto currency, published an article comparing three different gift card options that accept bitcoin and included Gyft. The article highlighted Gyft for its large and "constantly-updated selection of gift cards," and "Sleek, well-designed app. Fast, streamlined buying experience means you can use it to pay at the register without holding up the line." 

Three weeks ago . . . SportTechie, a publication devoted to the intersection of sports and technology, wrote an article about First Data's recent expansion into sports and hospitality through a partnership with Bypass. The collaboration takes First Data's Clover hardware and Bypass's expertise and revolutionary cloud-based software and back office management tools to provide a best-in-class solution.

Joe Profeta, SVP of Global, Strategic and National Clients, was interviewed for the article and explained why First Data chose to partner with the company:


"We saw Bypass having a really strong presence in the marketplace. As we were calling on the same properties they were calling on, we kept seeing their name come up and getting very positive feedback from the clients they were doing business with. So we looked at a variety of different companies, and they really just came out as the best solution for us to match with Clover." 


Joe added the benefits to the operators and said: 


"For the stadium, you’re gathering a lot of data analytics. Who their fans are, where do they come from, where do they go before they come to the venue, where do they go after. And obviously we don’t do that on the individual level, but on the aggregate. And it gives the team owners a real perspective on what they [fans] like, what they don’t like and be able to drive other initiatives and bring more fan loyalty to the games."